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Oftentimes when it comes to price people ask, “what is the cost per square foot” or CPSF? The best way to address this is to answer it with a question. Simply ask yourself, “what do you want it to be? While price is certainly significant, it’s more important to examine what you will actually be paying by the end of construction. Remember, your home price is the sum of its parts and labor and at Adam Michael Custom Homes, they leave nothing to chance. Overall, Adam Michael Custom Homes’ prices range from the high $200’s to just over $1M (n/i lot); with an average of just under $400,000 in 2008.

While cost per square foot can sometime be difficult to pin down, don’t be mislead… It is nearly impossible to compare the costs associated with mass-produced or semi-custom homes to true custom built masterpieces. However, there are 5 facts to consider when speaking to an Adam Michael Custom Homes’ consultant.

5 facts

  1. As the living space increases, cost per square foot typically decreases.
  2. Two-story homes are usually more cost effective than one-story homes.
  3. The shape of the outside perimeter is an important factor in estimating the total construction cost. The more complex the shape of the slab, the more time and talent is required to properly build the structure. This equates to a higher cost per square foot of living space.
  4. The shape and steepness of the roofline can also play an important role into the cost equation.
  5. Items such as: interior finish out, flooring, # and size of bathrooms, kitchen design, plumbing are all usually covered by most homebuilders. What about the less known features such as foundation type, exterior walls (i.e. framing), masonry (brick, stucco or stone), exterior finishes, windows, doors, roofing materials, soffit, fascia, finished attics, balconies, # of garages, # and sizes exterior porches… how will this effect the bottom line? Simple equation, more equals more.

Too good to be true usually is…

Today, many builders advertise $100, $90 or even $80 per square foot or provide huge incentives to emotionally steer potential homebuyers. Unfortunately, not only can this practice very misleading, it can also be very costly to the “emotional bank account” as well. The so-called “good deal” only to learn they weren’t necessarily getting the whole picture. Consequently, the term “upgrade” was used anytime they wanted discuss any non-standard option. Others realized they may have been required to build a certain floor plan with very limited or no changes allowed. Moreover, builders who advertise a low base price typically leave out essential site costs i.e., driveways, utilities, and set back requirements. Here’s how:


+ OPTIONS: $XX,XXX.XX (Varies by builder, commonly 10%-25% of the base price)
+ SITE COSTS: $XX,XXX.XX (Depends on the terrain, setbacks, house placement, city/county requirements)

The good news
Adam Michael Custom Homes’ “no gimmicks” and “no sales ploy” approach is simply a refreshing straightforwardness not found in today’s complex builder-landscape. Why do they do it? Michael Bryant explains, “This approach is just easier for everyone involved when the exceptions are properly set and purposefully exceeded!” Furthermore he concludes, “Our customers don’t sign the contract until they are comfortable with the whole picture, so we give them a comprehensive price up-front and in writing”.